The Different Applications Of Solar Power System

Solar Power System


Implementing a solar power system is one of the more popular options for an alternative source of energy. It is also one of the fastest systems to implement because of its simple design.

Solar energy systems – The basics

Solar power systems currently enjoy many applications and uses in various industries because of (1) savings and (2) ease in setup. These industries can either use a passive or active system to harness the energy of the sun.

A passive solar heating system uses natural methods of collecting energy from the sun while active systems use mechanical and photovoltaic methods to harness solar power.

A solar power system has two possible designs, it can either use solar collectors or solar panel systems, which are rows of photovoltaic cells, or it can use heat engines that usually come in the form of a parabolic dish to concentrate solar power.

Solar collectors are used for small buildings and houses to meet the regular heating needs while parabolic dishes are used in a solar power system for a larger supply of energy.

Common uses and various setup of a solar power system

  • Heat water
    Heated water can be used to provide warmth to a house or building by passing it through a frame of pipes. At the same time, it may be stored in a storage tank for other purposes. Solar water heaters, aside from working as an alternative to commercial heaters, is popularly used for heating up an Olympic size pool.
  • Treat waste water
    Exposing water-filled plastic bottles to the sun for a number of hours will disinfect and stabilize waste water. This process was actually approved and recommended by the World Health Organization or WHO as an effective household water treatment.
  • Produce steam for cooking
    These systems are aptly called solar cookers. Current solar cookers include panel cookers, box cookers and reflector cookers. The system can cook, dry and pasteurize food by concentrating solar power to reach temperatures of about 300 degrees Celsius.

A solar power system can process heat or energy for commercial and industrial applications

Heat energy can be used for heating, and air-conditioning requirements of factories, towers and commercial infrastructures. It can also be applied to evaporation ponds that extract brine from saltwater. Heat energy is also being used to dry goods such as coffee beans and marigolds.

Home solar systems provide electrical power to households and buildings. Solar power plants can include rows of photovoltaic cells called solar panels or collectors. Parabolic dishes and troughs can also be used to concentrate solar power to produce electricity.

All in all, a solar power system can be useful and productive. It uses a renewable resource while at the same time cost-effective. Setting up the system can result to many ingenious applications and creative uses of heat energy and solar power. More info

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