Solar Pool Heater or Solar Pool Covers


A solar pool heater is a cost-effective and environment friendly solution for keeping your swimming pool warm even during the coldest days of the year. Installing a water heater for your pool can considerably reduce your gas and electricity bills. Using solar energy will also reduce your operating costs. In fact, solar pool heating makes the use of solar power very cost effective in a lot of places around the world.
Installing a solar water heater for your swimming pool will increase your swimming season at the lowest cost possible.

A solar pool heater can be used for outside and even for covered pools

Most of the time, unglazed flat-plate solar collectors are used for heating swimming pools. Unglazed flat-plate collectors don’t need insulation and are easy to install. For better performances solar collectors should be pointed to the south.

Solar collectors are also used to cool water in hot countries. This is done by pushing the water through the collectors during the night when the ambient temperature is cooler. While circulating through the collector’s pipes, warm water will cool.

On almost every solar pool heater system you’ll find a solar collector, a filter, a pump and a flow control valve

The solar collector is the device in which the water circulates to become warm. The filter is attached to the input of the solar collector to remove small fragments from the water. The pump’s role is to push water all the way from the filter to the collector and finally to the pool. The flow-control valve can be either manual or automatic. Its purpose is to redirect the water from the pool to the solar collector.
Solar collectors are easy to install; they can be placed on the roof or on the ground.

The choice of solar collectors used for solar pool heater is usually dictated by the type of weather where you live. In general unglazed solar collectors made of rubber or plastic are the most employed. They are by far less expensive than glazed solar collectors and are very efficient for this kind of application.

A properly installed and maintained solar pool heating system requires minimum maintenance and will operate efficiently from 15 to 20 years. This is made possible by the kind of material used to manufacture solar collectors. Read more

Solar pool covers offer another interesting way for heating your swimming pool

Another item to consider for your swimming pool is a solar pool cover, also called solar blanket.

They can be an addition to your already existing solar pool heating system or can operate as a stand alone system. Covering a pool when not in use is a very efficient way to keep the water warm and make your swimming season a little longer.
A solar cover will also reduce your utility and maintenance bills if you are using gas to heat your swimming pool.

Solar blanket as they are also known can be positioned manually or by using a swimming pool reel system that will allow easy deploying and retracting of the solar cover. Opening and rolling-up the pool cover can be easily done by only one person.

The choice of solar cover for swimming pool will depend mostly on the budget you are willing to spend. Solar pool covers are available for aboveground and inground swimming pools. Pool covers are usually made of polyethylene or vinyl. Both materials are UV treated enabling them to resist deterioration over time.

  • Vinyl solar covers have a longer lifespan.
  • Polyethylene solar blankets look very similar to the bubble packing material used to wrap fragile objects but they are thicker.

The function of a solar cover is to allow the utmost amount of sun’s ray to enter to the maximum depth of your swimming pool

Solar pool covers works like giant solar collectors, they grab the solar energy all day long and move the heat obtained to the water.
Solar blankets work by reducing the water evaporation process and retaining the heat of the pool. They are more suitable for gentle climates where there is no extreme cold. It is most probably the cheapest technique for heating a swimming pool.

Solar pool covers float on the water and anchors are not necessary

They can raise the water temperature up to 15 degrees. Although solar covers are not intended for cleanness purposes, they will significantly reduce the amount of debris that usually fall into any swimming pools.

Too much chemicals in your pool is the most frequent cause of degradation of pool covers. Chlorine will slowly attack the material forming the cover. Make sure to always roll back the solar pool cover before adding chlorine and other products to the water. The solar cover can be used again once the chemicals are totally mixed with the water.

To extend the life of solar pool covers you should always remove them during the winter season. Before storing the cover in a safe place it is important to clean it and dry it meticulously to avoid deterioration. Read more

By investing into a solar pool heater or solar pool covers , you’ll definitely make big savings and most importantly you will contribute to a cleaner planet by using solar energy.

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