Solar Heating for your Indoors

Solar Heating


Solar heating can be implemented if you are building your home from scratch or if you are just renovating it. You can transform it to a solar home by making some modifications. When your gas and electricity bills become hard to handle, switching to solar energy to heat your home can be a wise choice. The heat coming from the sun spread equally when reaching the earth. To take advantage of the solar energy few steps are necessary.

When building your home, numerous choices are available for solar heating

  • The most important one is to build it facing true south. It is the direction where the sun rises. This way the house will get maximum sunshine during the day.
  • Installing double-glazed windows of good quality is important too. They will let the heat from the sun come through and will keep the rooms warm for a long period of time. At sunset the home will stay warm thanks to the sunlight that came in all day long. In order to keep the heat inside the house, doors must stay closed as much as possible.
  • It is also important to have curtains (preferably insulated) on the windows during the night; they will also help keeping the heat inside. When building a house, another thing to keep in mind is to not plan for too many windows on the side facing sunset, you want to avoid the house to cool down too quickly.

Transforming your home to take advantage of natural solar heating is not very difficult

It is obvious that changing the direction of your house to face sunrise is impossible, but you can still make some modifications to trap the heat coming from the sun. A good and well designed insulation will definitely help. Double glazed windows for example are a must. An original method to use solar energy for heating purposes is to build a sun room facing south to catch the sun from early morning. The sun will heat the glass structure and provide hot air inside the sun room. The warm air obtained can be pushed into the house by using fans. This can provide sufficient heating during the day.

As the sun doesn’t shine everyday, you will of course need a backup heating system running on gas or electricity, but you will significantly reduce the amount of time your electric or gas heater is running.

Using solar heating is not only a good way for saving money; it is also a natural method to heat your home which will also help in improving the environment.

Solar power can be found in several different places on the earth. You can find solar power in a parked car, in a building with no air circulating, in a home without windows opened or fans circulating the air. When you step into any of these places that have been in the sunlight for a while you soon become overpowered by the amount and the intensity of the heat. This kind of heat can be taken and converted into heat that can heat your home, your water, an outbuilding, or any other building you would like to have heat in.

Heating using a solar power system is a free way of heating

When you heat using solar power you use a source that will direct the heat from the sunlight during the daytime to your solar source.

A solar source is a device that you use to attract and trap the heat from the sun.
Just like a car out in the parking lot gets hot when it faces the midday sun and the windows are rolled up. The seats can become very hot, too hot to sit on. These seats are a solar source because they trapped the heat inside and didn’t want to let them go.
When this happens the seats will still be warm long after the sun quits shining directly on that car.

Creating a solar heating system can be easy to do with a little thought put into it

With a solar source you need to think about all the things that attract the sun, such as metal, the color black, glass that is tinted or clear, mirrors and more. There is an endless supply of idea to signal the heat your way and trap it for your use. To get the heat to benefit your water system or even your heat, you need to come up with a way that you can circulate a liquid that when it passes by your solar source it will heat the water naturally because of the concentrated amount of heat that was trapped inside your solar source that day.

When the liquid carries through the solar source and travels into the home it can go directly to the water source where it can be kept warm, like a hot water tank, but naturally without using gas and electricity to keep it warm. This solar source can be a great challenge to create but you will enjoy the rewards for years to come. You can also find solar sources in stores as well as online. Shopping for solar heating items has never been easier and it is not expensive. Some info here

Coming up with a solution that will carry the heat into the home is simple and practical

If your idea is successful you will have heat during the winter and warm water all year around. The main goal of a solar heating system is not only to preserve the natural resources and the environment but it is also a cost saving solution.

Heating Or Cooling With Solar Power

We are used to turn a dial or push a button in order to obtain heat or hot water. These ways are nice but they may be expensive as well. Heating homes, schools or businesses with solar energy is not only easy but cost effective as well. There are several ways that we can capture the sun’s heat even in winter times. In order to capture the sun’s heat you need a solar collector. This collector can be something that will attract the sun rays but trap the heat from it when it enters the source. A good example is a sunroom.

These rooms are attached to a home or a building and are constructed of glass panels from the floor to the ceiling. It is usually facing the morning sun in order to get the full affect of the heat. When the sun shines into the room the glass allows the sun rays heat the furniture and everything in the room. These areas become the source that holds the heat in so that it will not escape back out of the glass. This type of solar heating is natural and can be very efficient if it is constructed correctly.

Other forms of solar power heating and cooling

  • Thermal mass that absorbs and holds in the heat. It traps and holds heat while the sun is shining and disperses the heat when the sun goes down.
  • Trombe wall is a natural solar heating and ventilation system that uses air channels to hold the heat between a glass object and a thermal mass that is facing the sun. The sunlight gets trapped and stored inside this wall and is then circulated through vents and the top and the bottom of the wall. The wall radiates the heat.
  • Transpired collector is also a wall that is used facing the sun. The wall absorbs the sunlight and heats the air when it enters into the ventilation system.
  • Solar cooling is a great way to ventilate a building. It absorbs the solar heat and cools it making ice with a solar powered steam engine that is attached to a cooling device.
  • Solar chimney is also a solar ventilation system. It is made of a thermal mass that is hollow inside. The chimney will warm the air inside the chimney and causing the heat to rise. The rise allows the air to circulate and vent properly.

There are multiple ways that are available for heating and cooling our homes, businesses, buildings or other structures that need to be heated. All the techniques listed above use natural material that will pay off in the long run.

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