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Solar Air Heater


Solar air heater systems convert solar energy into warm air. The basic components used for solar heating devices are plates, vents, heating coils and diffuser. The heat is concentrated and collected in the flat plate connectors with thin panels, which store and convert the heat energy of the sun. The panels are generally 4, 6 or 8 feet long and baked on black coating powder.
For better results, the panels are made of custom gauge aluminum materials. Most of the time the heaters are placed on the roofs so that they have a direct exposure with sun.
With the rays falling on the thin panels or plates, the solar energy is concentrated and used to heat the coils inside the collector. When the coils get heated, they make the surrounding air warm and the hot air is pushed through vents into the house.
The solar energy is either collected and stored in the storage medium like rock bin for later use, or directly transferred through the vents.

Solar air heater systems commonly use a concentrating collector

The solar panels can be mobile units, which move according to the sun. This helps in continuous supply of heating facility at homes or offices, as the ratio of concentration of rays is uniform. It is more efficient and useful as compared with the normal systems. Such systems are mostly seen in organizations or institutes. In addition to its efficiency, it also provides the users with greater heating.

Using a solar air heater is very useful for regions having very low temperature.
The initial cost for the installation is high but after that, there is no cost as solar energy is free and it is a clean source of energy.

Solar heating not only help to reduce electricity bills but also help to improve quality of indoor air.
The quality of the air is maintained by filtering the air and increasing the intake of the exterior fresh air.
A solar air heater is the best option to go for, as there are variety of unique designs and high quality systems available at affordable prices. It is just a one-time investment, which serves the users for lifetime. It is the most efficient and economical way, which helps reduce air pollution and global warming. Furniture, floor, walls and ceilings absorb the warmth; solar air heater helps to restore it back during day or nighttime.

Solar heating systems can be a bit difficult to choose; therefore, you should always select an appropriate product, which will suit your requirements. In the market different systems of various shapes and structure are available for office, home, organizations etc. hence it is essential to select the right solar air heater. More information here

Even though installation process is quite easy, it is always advisable to leave it to the experts and leave no room for errors. You can find numbers of specialists online and most of them will be able to help you design and install a solar air heater suitable to your situation.

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