Passive Solar Heating

Passive Solar Heating

It is well known that the sun is stronger from the south direction. This theory is often used by people willing to use passive solar heating for their homes. To get maximum natural lighting and heating at minimum expense it is always better to have windows facing south. Even though it is not true all the time, it also depends on your geographical location. It is a general rule to keep in mind when using solar energy.

Passive solar heating is when sunlight is transformed to heat that can be used for heating or cooling spaces or heating water. Solar heating systems are called passive because no electrical apparatus like pumps or fans are used to force air or water all the way through. When such electrical or mechanical devices are used the system becomes active solar energy and is more expensive due to all the external mechanical and electrical equipments connected to the system

Passive solar heating is ideal for heating spaces and water but many factors have to be taken into consideration

Adequate insulation like windows with double glazing and other insulated construction material should be used in order to regulate the temperature inside and to prevent heat loss. Thermal mass materials are a good choice. They have the capability to store energy, both cold and heat and to discharge that energy back into the house when needed.

Mass materials are usually used for walls and floors. The perfect thickness for thermal mass materials is between 4 and 5 inches. Phase-change materials are also often used.

Direct solar gain is the easiest and most affordable way for using solar heating.
The house itself becomes the solar system. The windows situated south are the solar collectors. The floor and walls store the energy.
For fully taking advantage of the solar gain, the house and windows must be orientated to the true south. Get more info here

Solar heating technology is also applied for solar furnace and solar forge but the most suitable and effective applications for passive solar energy remain heating water and spaces.

Due to the ever-increasing costs of electricity and gas, more people are deciding to be fewer dependants on traditional forms of energy and be more involved in alternative energy. Building a house heated by solar energy can cost a lot of money initially, but in the long run, the benefits of passive solar heating are sure. When setting up and using a solar heating system, the main rewards are substantial savings and your contribution to a cleaner environment.

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