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Solar Heating Panels Explained

When thinking about solar energy, the first thing that comes to your mind are those expensive photo voltaic solar panels that transform the solar energy into electricity. Solar heating panels use a totally different technology. Instead of producing electricity, they are designed to heat water or air. Solar collectors as they are also known can Continue Reading »

Active Solar Heating

Active solar heating systems are a novel approach to improving the energy efficiency of your home; compared to putting photovoltaic cells on the roof, they can be attractive, and inconspicuous. The basic mechanism of an active solar system is to put a solar collection surface, usually of a dark color, with tubes that transfer the Continue Reading »

Solar Heating System

Choosing a solar heating system for home can be kind of overwhelming. To avoid heat loss, it should be implemented only after a very good insulation of the home is made. It is important to keep the generated heat concealed into the house. Double glazed windows, curtains and thermal materials for floors and walls will Continue Reading »