Two Advantages of Home Solar Power Systems

Home Solar Power Systems

Home solar power systems are not as hard to set-up as in a commercial or industrial setting. The system is also quite convenient because a home solar power system can handle about 60% to 80% of household electricity needs.

You don’t have to be an engineer to build a home solar system. In fact, homeowners can develop their own solar power system at home by following a few guidelines from a book about the subject. Setting-up a solar power system in the home may require a couple of panels of photovoltaic cells and a rigged system that includes wiring, an inverter, distributor and storage batteries.

You may already have read a number of articles about home solar power systems that discusses its advantages of low cost, low maintenance, environment-friendly, and easy set-up. However, there are other reasons why you should consider a solar system in your house.

Home solar power systems are supported by the government

During the 1960s, photovoltaic cells were barely ever considered for commercial use. It was used instead as back-up power of satellites in space. Today, however, the initial capital investment has become more competitive in the market. Also, on long term, you can slash down electrical bills from 10 to 20 years.

The key here is that governments in countries such as the US, Japan and Germany recognize the benefits that people can have from using home solar power systems. These countries make an effort to establish improved guidelines on net metering, a better research and development on photovoltaic cell technology and a subsidy program for homeowners. All of these are meant to support and promote solar energy.

The energy crisis also fueled the advancement of solar energy and resulted to the Energy Tax Act, which provided tax credits for homeowners who set-up solar systems into their houses. It is a fact that an economic problem is plaguing the world today and home solar power can be the key of salvation. Planning a home solar electric system

Home solar systems have a long life span

Setting up a solar system is not only easy; it is a one-time implementation. This is not only because of the low maintenance; the system also has no moving parts at all. Typical home solar power systems can last from 10 to 25 years and you already had your return of investment from 3 to 5 years. Clearly, the system is a money saver.

The problems a homeowner can expect to encounter are damage or exhaustion of the solar panels and expiry of the storage batteries. Damage or exhaustion of the solar panels is already prevented with the application of a special adhesive on the surface of the panels. All else are accident-related or coincidental.

To prolong the life of home solar power systems, it is best to maintain the cleanliness of the surface of the panels, as well as, to regularly check the status of the batteries. If these two are regularly checked for problems, you can be sure of a long life for your solar power system.

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